Vendor Spotlight ✦ Two Wolves Boutique


Hi, I'm Ani of Two Wolves Boutique. I have been an avid thrifter from the time I was a teenager in San Antonio, Texas. 

I loved that I could find unique and affordable pieces that felt like they were made just for me. My obsession intensified when I moved to Dallas where I enjoyed some of the best thrifting of my life, but it wasn't until I moved to Colorado that I realized that this hobby was not only affordable, and sustainable for our beautiful planet, but had the potential to become a business.

I started this business a year ago with my beautiful cousin Nessa. She inspired me to take on a dream I had always had of curating and selling vintage. This business started because one woman believed and championed another and that is what we are all about.

I've had two huge shifts in my perspective since starting TW: 1) I see such a huge value in being a part of a cycle of collaboration over competition with other small businesses. I have amazing relationships with people who do exactly what I do and that's the way it should be and 2) I love being a part of a new cycle of consumerism where sustainable purchases trump instant gratification purchases. 

One thing I want people to know is that I try really hard to make vintage accessible for an average person by diversifying the sizes of clothing and by making these pieces affordable. Some of my favorite vintage shops growing up were simply unaffordable for my budget or had sizes so small, it could only fit one body type.


I deeply desire for people to love how they feel when they buy from us and when they wear our pieces. Some of my favorite pieces are featured in these photos including a Pendelton blazer, handmade maxi skirt & tiger button up. Against my better judgement, only one of those items resides in my closet. I am so stoked be a part of Bonfire and can't wait to see you there!

Meg Ryan