Vendor Spotlight ✦ LuxeStarling


I'm Lindsey Houghtaling, and I run the show over here at LuxeStarling, with my little helper Tipton. 

I'm located in Eaton, a small rural town east of Fort Collins.  My shop is online with Etsy, but I also love selling at vintage markets around Denver and Colorado Springs. 

I started my shop 9 years ago out of a passion for thrifting, and an appreciation for all things vintage.  At the time, not everything I was finding was my style, but, if it spoke to me, I knew someone else would enjoy it too.  So, I decided to open up a shop on a little website called Etsy.  I remember thinking, after discovering it in a magazine booklet, that an entirely vintage and handmade website had my name written all over it!  Before that, there was only eBay, so it was pretty exciting!

At LuxeStarling, you will find an inspired collection of home decor and housewares, and personal accessories like bags and jewelry.  I am also delving into clothing a bit at the moment.

I really try to curate my shop to reflect an eclectic bohemian lifestyle.  I'm inspired by natural and organic things, like wood and wicker, and things that someone has put their time and energy into, like pottery and metal work.  I find and sell items from the 1900's to the 1990's.

I have a wide variety of items, so prices are all over the place, from $8 for a handcrafted mug to $100s for a rare collectible item.

Selling on Etsy has taken my small business global.  I sell to people across the US, and across the world now.  I even have a few repeat customers from other countries like South Korea!

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved the thrill of the hunt, and have had a passion for collecting.  I grew up in a collected household full of vintage and hand made, where everything had a story, and nothing was new, so it came naturally to me to seek out unique items.  I feel its really important that your home looks and feels as unique as you are, and what better way than through collecting one of a kind pieces?

At Bonfire Vintage Market, I plan to create an inspiring space in which buyers can envision my curated collection in their own homes.  Mid Century barware, colorful textiles, and southwest style home decor will all be a part of this space.

I find my pieces all over Colorado, and even some other states when my husband and I travel.  Thrifting may just be my favorite past time, and I really enjoy going to estate sales.

I’m always looking for vintage that speaks to, and inspires me.  At this point, I really only source items that I would personally have in my own home.  My hope is that you find something special that speaks to you, and your home becomes more inspiring because of it.  Don't buy your decor, collect it!

Meg Ryan