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My name is Lexi and I am a vintage small business owner, "thrift store influencer" (yeah it's a thing 😅) and maker of the Old School Cool Vintage Fashion Market.

I'm originally from Lansing, Michigan, and have been a resident of Denver for the past 4 years. I have a BFA in painting, and always thought I was going to be an art teacher. I am now transitioning into full time vintage work, and I still can't believe the path thrifting has taken me.  Nothing I could have even dreamed of!

What originally sparked your interest in thrifting for Vintage Goods?

The original interest sparked from going to thrift stores growing up, and realizing I could find the vintage pieces I so desperately wanted but personally couldn't afford from the vintage shops in town. Once I realized I could find those pieces elsewhere, the thrill of hunting for vintage became the driving force! I love checking out the wide range of businesses you can support while shopping and searching for vintage. From estate sales, to middle of nowhere flea markets, to antique malls- I am so down to scour for vintage for hours

When did your hobby turn into a business and how has that changed your perspective on Vintage Goods?

I turned my hobby into a business in the fall of 2014 by opening my Etsy shop LGT Vintage. Since then my appreciation of vintage goods has only grown deeper. I better understand why vintage is priced the way it is- vintage pieces are typically MUCH better made, of higher quality, much more unique, and as long as pieces are cared for, they WONT lose their value over time- in many instances they'll even gain value as time passes . Can you say that about the tee you bought at H&M last month? No shade. Just something to consider, haha 🤔😜

What is the most unique or rare find that you have come across?

I go to an auction house with my dad when I'm back home in Michigan. I love auction houses because the assortment of goods you find are all over the place! And all typically veryyyyy old. Most items are at least pre-80s, most pre-70s. I bid for the first time ever in a fast paced auction (yup, storage wars style) and won a set of 4, 1930s women's circus costumes. Absolutely one of my favorite, and most rare finds! 

My Dad and Me at the Auction House

My Dad and Me at the Auction House

Right After I Won the Auction!

Right After I Won the Auction!

I'll have a booth stocked with my typical rainbow of clothing, some choice home decor items, and some really unique vintage jewelry. All spanning between the 1940s and 1990s. I love to blend decades and styles and share that eclectic taste through my shop. The beautiful part about shopping vintage is no matter where you choose to buy it, the search for the perfect piece is part of the magic, and the story - I am really into that part! aka I cant stop picking up goodies aka my shop is ALWAYS stoked with new vintage items to browse! So I do hope you come check it out 😎

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