Vendor Spotlight ✦ Davez Bladez


This is Dave of Davez Bladez. Purveyor of All Things Sharp & Edgy! I've been building my custom, unique, vintage & antique collection for over four decades. 

Tools, pointed objects & things you shouldn't run with if you took your moms' advice.

Vintage & antique tonsorial emporium & edged tools restored & meant to use.

My eclectic & unusual collection has taken almost a half century to build.

Cigar cutters to ice picks, straight razors to cutlery, posters, toys, vinyl & art glass. 

Cool stuff in-between & on the edges.

I'm passionate about vintage because they don't build them like that anymore, their handsome embellishments, using them lowers my carbon footprint & I am one. 

Meg Ryan